Young Blind Woman Delivers Rendition Of “Amazing Grace” That Takes Crowd’s Breath Away

From the moment Marlana VanHoose sat down at the piano it was apparent that everyone was in for a real treat. Although she was born blind, it’s never stopped her from performing in front of large crowds and becoming a successful musician. Marlana’s had a love for gospel music since she was very little, which she has an incredible talent for singing.

For one special performance Marlana choose the Christian Hymn “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).” Not only would she sing it, but she would also play along on the piano too. This spiritual song, which is “Amazing Grace” with an addition of lyrics – has been performed by many great artists. With her soft soulful voice, Marlana delivered her own rendition that left the audience in chills.

In the video, Marlana takes everyone’s breath away as she begins with the lyrics “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound – that saved a wretch like me…” She gently taps the piano keys as her voice is heard throughout the auditorium. It’s truly a spell-binding performance by a young woman who’s nothing less than an inspiration. Marlana’s never let her disability stop her from doing what she loves most, and her talent shines though in every one of her performances. Click play on the video below to experience Marlana’s beautiful cover of “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).”