Woman Shares Photo Of Her Bed Right Before She Jumped In, Causes Panic. Look Closely

Let’s be honest here…most people don’t have a strong desire to snuggle with a snake. In fact, most people will run in the opposite direction of the sneaky, slithery creatures. Maybe it’s the way that they lurk in the woods camouflaged and ready to pounce. Australians are well-versed in the sneaky ways of creatures and they are used to being snuck up on, but when is enough, enough when it comes to getting close and personal with snakes?

One Queensland woman awoke to a frightening discovery…a python curled up in bed with her. Even for a native Australian, this was shocking and a bit much.

Evidently, this familiar snake had a tendency to reside on the roof of their Eumundi home, but he wanted a little more comfort on this particular evening. Luckily, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers came to the rescue and took a photo of the python who was curled up right beside a pillow as if he was simply making himself at home.

Alongside the photo, an employee from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shared the following post…

“I was sent this photo by one of my followers yesterday. They had a resident python that lived in there roof at their home just outside of Eumundi for a while and they would see him from time to time but he would always go back up into the roof.”

The snake catcher went on to share that snakes don’t want to hurt us, and sometimes they just want to snuggle. He also said that it’s best to install a fly screen and keep doors and windows closed if you opt to sleep without the visitors.

Commenters had a lot to say about the situation…

“I wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore and have to move if this happened to me.”

And even those who weren’t bothered by snakes admitted that this is a bit too close for comfort…

“I wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore and have to move if this happened to me.”

“Snakes don’t bother me at all. However, I’m not fond of spooning with them.”

Some commenters pointed out the fact that this would certainly be an effective alarm clock for those who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

Another one pointed out the many creatures that can be found in Australia…

“There’s mortal danger lurking beneath every stone in Australia.”

It would be interesting to find out what was going on in this snake’s mind as he decided to break into the house. Why the bed? Weren’t there other places that he would’ve found first. It’s as if this guy knew the layout of the house and was on a mission to find the coziest place for a good old fashion snuggle.

The next time that you see a fly buzzing around your house, you may want to think of this situation…because things could be a whole lot worse. This makes a fly look like a welcome guest in your home and not so pesky after all.