Woman Gets Married At The Hospital And Remains ‘Joyful’ Until The End, Photos Inspire Others

Although her life was coming to a premature end, Heather Mosher knew exactly how she wanted to spend her final moments. Her family helped her prepare for a wedding ceremony in the hospital walls, and she was able to die a wife to her beloved husband. If it weren’t for her family coming together, Mosher never would have known what it was like to be a married woman. And although she died from the metastasized breast cancer not long after she tied the knot, the passed on while remaining “joyful” to the end.

Mosher is an inspiration to us all. Despite knowing that she was nearing the end of her life, she wanted to go out with joy rather than fear. She seized the opportunity and married the man of her dreams, David Mosher. Although cancer was eating away at her body, the two lovebirds shared their vows and then were married. In celebration, Mosher raised her arms at the end of the improvised wedding ceremony that gave her hope to the end.

The wedding ceremony was held on December 22nd at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. And just 18 hours after they tied the knot and she said “I do,” she passed away from the aggressive breast cancer.

Although the wedding came at the end of her life, she got engaged to David last year on December 23 during a romantic ride in a horse-and-carriage date under the streetlights.

“I saw her sick,” her husband David Mosher told NBC Connecticut. “I saw her in a lot of pain, and she didn’t give up until she married me. It is so humbling that someone could love me like that.”

As they got married to each other, their friend, Christina Karas, photographed the memorable scene. She hoped to document the couple’s undying love and help make the day as special as possible for Mosher.

“It was a miracle,” Karas, who also served as a bridesmaid, told TODAY. “When she raised her arms, she was at death’s door, but she was joyful and exuberant. She just wanted it to be a celebration.”

After they started dating in 2015, they quickly hit it off. They meet during a swing dance class and soon got engaged on December 23, 2016.

But on the day that they were engaged, doctors told Heather Mosher the bad news. She had a lump in her breast, and it was cancerous.

Just five days later, a few days after Christmas 2016, doctors gave Heather the diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer, which is aggressive and fast growing.

The couple’s wedding day was initially planned for December 30. But Heather had an intuition that she better speed things up before it was too late.

“I was with her every single day at the hospital that week, and I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate,” Karas said. “She wanted me to be in a dress, and I just had to get into wedding mode because my heart was in ‘losing my best friend’ mode. I just thought, ‘For Heather, I’m going to do this.”’

Karas’s wedding photos have inspired thousands.

“This has been a heartbreaking time, but I’m glad this story has brought hope to so many people,” Karas said. “This person was in her last moments and still feeling all this joy.”