Widow Thinks Her Daughter Is Talking To An Imaginary Friend, But The Girl’s One Whisper Sends Chills

After losing her husband in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Lisa’s life was never the same. Not only did she lose her husband suddenly and violently, but terrorists also took his innocent life. He was a broker at Cantor Fitzgerald and was killed during the attack on the World Trade Center. Since then, Lisa’s young daughter, Jacie, has had a hard time coping with the death of her father. And in the wake of her father’s killing, Jacie would act strangely around the house.

Lisa thought little of it because she was in mourning as well – at least until Jacie said a few words that shook Lisa to her core. She will never un-hear what was said on that fateful day.

At the time, Jacie was just four-years-old. And like any child her age, Jacie would engage in imaginary conversations. Lisa thought it was adorable and didn’t think twice about it. But when Lisa would pry and ask her about the discussions, Jacie would come back with an answer that always gave Lisa a jolt. The little girl would say, “I’m talking to daddy!”

Lisa didn’t dare question her daughter when she said that. She figured it would be best to let her continue to talk to her dad because it probably served some therapeutic purpose.

Jacie did not stop talking to “daddy” for some time. And then she did something that left Lisa baffled. Jacie would begin to describe her deceased father’s experience in the afterlife.

Lisa was stunned. Jacie would list off people’s names she had never met while her father was alive. And these people most certainly would have been by her father’s side while he was up there in Heaven.

When Lisa heard her daughter give the names of the people her father was sitting next to in Heaven, she knew that her daughter had access to the source of her father’s spirit. The realization inspired Lisa and helped her process the loss of her beloved husband. He may have been gone from this world, but his soul remained to keep his daughter company. It helped fill the hole that his sudden disappearance made from her life when the terrorists stole him away from her.

ABC News picked up the story seven years ago. And you can watch it below. It is still as poignant today as it was back then.

Viewers like you shared their thoughts about the little girl speaking to her deceased father.

“This happens to countless people, but we want science to define everything, therefore refuse to acknowledge the possibility. This happens, but once again, people refuse to believe anything they cannot explain. It is not just 9/11. People have the ability to connect with the supernatural, as natural as you and I speak.”

One person shared a similar experience as Jacie.

“I believe this girl because I have had the same experience. My dad died when I was 3 of a heart attack. Being a three yr. old and being told your dad is gone and you won’t be able to see him again is hard both emotionally and physically.”

What do you think about this miraculous incident?