When They Realized What They Found In The River, They Immediately Called The Police

People have come across some pretty creepy discoveries in bodies of water over the years. Of course, there is the alleged Loch Ness monster that makes an appearance every so often. And then there was a ball and chain said to be 100 years old found in the bottom of a river. Parts of ships and even the bronze head of a frozen emperor have been discovered in mysterious rivers.

But, the latest find is one that is perhaps the creepiest of them all.

In an eerie discovery, dozens of severed hands were found in a frozen river.

The grim discovery was made by a local man in the city of Khabarovsk in the Far East of Siberia, near China, and all but one of the hands were found inside a bag. The mystery hand that was separated from the rest was found on a snow-covered island in the Amur River, which is about 18 miles downstream from the Russian frontier of China.

The spot where they were found is a popular fishing spot for locals, so police naturally questioned residents if they’d seen any suspicious activity. So far, no one has admitted to seeing anything odd in the area. When the hands were discovered, there were medical bandages and hospital-style medical shoe covers.

The biggest mystery of all still remains…who did these 54 hands belong to and why on earth would someone chop them off?

All 54 hands can be seen in a photo that was taken for the police investigation. They are laid out in rows and showcase a variety of different sized hands, some more mangled than others. It’s hard to tell how old these hands are and how long they’ve been sitting in the frozen river. So far, fingerprints have been found on one hand, and the others are currently being checked. Police have yet to comment on the case.

One of the theories behind the mystery hands is that they may have been chopped off as part of a punishment for a crime committed that related to theft. Another theory is that the hands were severed from dead bodies in a hospital, but there seems to be few reasons that would back that up.

And another theory that may be a bit more realistic, is that someone used the corpses that belonged to these hands to steal body parts and the hands were later cut off, to prevent them from being identified.

“It is a sickening sight,” said a local source.

As to be expected, commenters had a lot of puns for the mysterious find…

“I think they were all murdered by the local handyman.”

“It’s all an armless bit of fun.”

And others thought that maybe this could be used as a punishment for today’s thieves…

“They should be doing that to thieving scumbags.”

This was certainly a shocking find for the man who happened upon them. While out in nature, people expect to see animals and pieces of nature but no one ever really expects to see human hands, and such a large amount for that matter.