When His Little Sister Couldn’t Sleep, This Big Brother Had The Perfect Reaction

Sibling rivalry is a real thing, but the love between siblings in real too. This is one of those stories that will warm your heart, even if your name is Scrooge. Some babies are born with challenges that can cause a lot of difficulties in their lives. Children with these types of challenges can have serious consequences from things that wouldn’t be so big of a deal for other children.

And it takes the whole family to help them get through those situations.

One mom saw this first hand when her daughter needed to be rushed to the hospital. Her daughter was born with dwarfism, which is a condition that results in short stature. It can also cause a lot of different health issues throughout a person’s life. In the case of this baby girl, it was the flu that caused issues.

The flu that has been of epidemic proportions cause this little girl to need to be rushed to the hospital in order to help her. She had been running a fever and having a hard time sleeping, which was causing a lot of worry and stress for mom. So to the hospital they went.

While there, the baby was still having trouble sleeping and mom couldn’t figure out how to get her to get some sleep. Many times, when parents are worried and stressed out and babies can feel this and feed off of those feelings. It will affect their mood and the way they feel. This is where big brother decided to step in.

Big brother, no older than three or four years old, had a feeling that his sister needed his help. He scooped up his sister and started to rock her to sleep himself. The baby laid her head on her brother, sucking her thumb and all, and began to fall asleep. Mom was lucky enough to have the wherewithal to grab her camera and record the beautiful moment to share with the world. It was her big brother that she needed to help her relax enough to go to sleep.

We are all aware of sibling rivalries and how true they are, but siblings also have a bond that isn’t shared with anyone else. Many parents make it a point to include older siblings in the process of welcoming the new baby into the family. They let them help to pick out clothes, toys, and even help with preparing the nursery. This process is important in beginning to build the bond between siblings.

It gives the older siblings a sense of responsibility for the younger siblings. It makes them feel like they have a job to do when it comes to the baby. In this situation, big brother took these lessons seriously and it translated into helping his sister in her time of need and crisis.

We have all heard the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child and that doesn’t mean just the adults. It takes older siblings too because they are there to go through life with the younger ones forever.