We Finally Have A Glimpse Of What Life Was Like For 13 Kids Living In A “Torture House”

When a 17-year-old girl was able to escape her torture chamber, she managed to alert police to the cruel and heinous activities her parents used on her and twelve other girls. Because this teen found a way to post videos of the violence to YouTube, she gave the public a close look inside the “torture house” in the state of California.

As a way to deal with the torture her parents inflicted on her, the talented teen wrote songs describing the abuse and violence she endured. And you can tell how horrifying her existence was by the lyrics that she wrote.

“You blame me for everything. You blame me in every way. You blame me for what they say, what they say.”

While these words could have come out of any angsty teen’s brain, the 17-year-old victim who endured years in the “house of horrors” meant them literally.

Knowing what she has endured, puts a whole new spin on the concept of blame.

The teen also managed to upload a video where she is shown playing with the family’s two Maltese-mix dogs. The video showed a quick look at the rest of the house and was a clever way for the teen to show the environment where she had endured unspeakable abuse and horrors. In that dog video, dirt is shown around the house along with piles of clothes lining the hallways. The teen also created an Instagram account where she shared selfies of herself as well as pictures of pop heartthrob Justin Bieber. Her most recent social media video was uploaded seven days before she climbed through a window and ran to the safety of the local police.

When police finally listened to her raving account, they went to the house and arrested her parents David and Louise Turpin. They have been charged with abusing, starving, and shackling their thirteen children inside their home as if they were prisoners.

And if they are convicted of the 38 counts against them, which include torture, child abuse, and false imprisonment, the parents could be locked away for 94 years in prison.

The parents have been prevented from having any direct or indirect contact with any other their children – judge’s orders. And they must remain at least 100 yards away from them at all times. Both parents have pleaded not guilty to all charges and are held in jail on bonds of $12 million each.

Every victim held captive in their California “house of horrors” was terribly malnourished. The only victim that prosecutors said was not underfed was the couple’s youngest, a toddler. Their eldest victim was a 29-year-old woman who weighed just 82 pounds when police rescued her from her captors.

Now that the women have been freed from their parents’ prison, they are recovering both physically and emotionally. And some of the victims are “starting to make plans for their future,” said Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel to ABC News.

“Their minds are just being opened (to) having a choice” like “getting out of bed and deciding what they want to eat.”