Vets Forced To Schedule ‘Unadoptable’ Cat To Be Put Down – Look At His One Hour Transformation

This is BenBen. Not only is this story going to be good because this cat’s name is totally awesome and fun to say, but BenBen has a miraculous story.

It only took an hour for BenBen’s life to completely change.

He was sitting in the shelter looking pretty sad and hopeless. He was scheduled to be euthanized because no one thought he would be adopted. Poor BenBen was brutally attacked by another animal and sustained several gashes.

He also had cauliflower eat and a crushed spine. He was left looking sad and rundown.

“It appears he was attacked by a large animal… His face permanently looks sad because he has a lot of excess skin on the face, and no one knows why,” BenBen’s dad told Love Meow.

BenBen had actually been adopted once but was brought back to the shelter after the family discovered how much care he needed.

“At that point, he was deemed ‘unadoptable’. The vets said he’d never walk and he’d be on pain meds for the rest of his life,” his owner explains.

So he was scheduled to be put down. However, just an hour before the procedure, one of the ER vet clinic employees decided that she would take him home. At that point, BenBen had already given up.

He stopped eating and drinking and refused to move.

“Almost as if ‘he knew he was going to die and had just given up hope,’” BenBen’s human explained.

But that all changed as soon as the employee and her boyfriend brought BenBen home. It was like he became an entirely different cat altogether within an hour.

“When we first brought him home we brought him into the bathroom to give him a moment to adjust to our other cats,” they told Love Meow.

“We sat down with him for about an hour and he was instantly full of purrs, smiles, and ‘thank you’ cuddles. I like to think he knew he was safe and had his forever home at that moment. It only took about an hour for him to start getting curious about his surroundings.”

BenBen went onto make a full recovery. Not only can he walk but he can also run and jump a little.

“He’s doing so well! No one who knew him before can believe he’s turned out so awesome.”

Now, BenBen doesn’t look sad anymore. You can catch him smiling in Instagram pics here or learn more about BenBen in the video below.

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