Teen Plays “Hallelujah” On Street Suddenly Making Crowd Stop In Their Tracks To Surround Her

One of the most highly revered songs of all time, Leonard Cohn’s “Hallelujah,” has been performed by countless artists of all abilities and in so many different ways. Each artist puts his or her own spin on this song. When Allie Sherlock was just a young girl, she took to the streets of Dublin, Ireland, to perform for the public. It didn’t take long for people to discover just how incredibly talented this tween was. Allie had been playing the guitar for three years before she finally had the courage to sing along in front of an audience.

As she began strumming her guitar, Allie’s husky voice began singing into her microphone the first few strains of “Halleluljah.” As people passed by, most of them stopped to listen. The young tween quickly caught everyone off guard with her voice. The strangers couldn’t believe what they were hearing! Her throaty sound was unlike anything they had heard before. It didn’t take long before a good-sized crowd of dozens upon dozens of people were standing around her, listening. Some people in the throng were even swaying back and forth while Allie sang.

Allie’s performances have been captured on YouTube and shared for everyone to enjoy, just like the video below of her singing “Hallelujah.” Since this performance, Allie has appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ hit TV show and even signed a recording contract with Ryan Tedder, front man for OneRepublic and a writer/producer who watched her videos. Listen to how talented Allie is in the video below. It’s no wonder she quickly rocketed to success!