Triplets Who Were Yanked Away From Each Other At Birth, Reunite Decades Later For Sick Reason

In 1980, three young men, who looked very similar, learned a shocking truth. They were triplets who had been separated at birth. They were each raised by loving adoptive parents, who never knew their sons were part of a triplet set. That’s where the documentary “Three Identical Strangers” started. And as it developed its story, we learn that the reason these three triplets were separated was nothing if not evil and twisted.

Although the heartwarming reunion of Bobby Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman gets things started, the documentary soon reveals the diabolical scheme that had caused their separation at birth.

Spoiler Alert: You’re about to hear their full story. If you’d rather watch the movie, do not read any further.

The three men are nothing if not handsome. They were featured, on Madonna’s personal request in “Desperately Seeking Susan,” and went on to create their own New York restaurant called Triplets. They’ve had success, but their lives could have been so much happier if it wasn’t for a twisted science experiment they were engaged in at birth.

Although they had never met until they were young adults, they instantly hit it off and made a connection. Their brotherhood could not be denied. It was biological. It was instantaneous. And it was exactly what the mad scientists wanted.

They shared the same passion for sports, women and even brands of cigarettes. Only later was it revealed that they were purposely separated at birth.

Eventually, the boy’s parents made a visit to the Louise Wise adoption agency in New York. It is now defunct, but this visit led to a shocking discovery about how the triplets had unknowingly been involved in a scientific study on the separation of twins and triplets. The New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright helped lead the investigation and uncovered the uncouth tactics employed by the adoption agency, which exploited these young men and others.

Much later, the young men learned they and their families had been documented. It was all hidden as a normal adoptive follow up. But the psychologist was trying to test the influence of nature versus nurture and finally get to the bottom of the longstanding question.

The mad scientist behind the research was named Peter Neubauer. He is now deceased. But his then assistant, who is now elderly, excused Neubauer’s research as being different because of the times.

Meanwhile, the three test subjects were exhibiting strange behavior from the time they were babies. They all banged their heads against their cribs.

This twisted experiment makes a shocking documentary that will debut at the Sundance Festival.

Could you imagine being part of a twisted scientific experiment without your knowledge? Not only does the researcher’s secretive tactics invade the family’s privacy, but it also jeopardized the young men for the sake of science. This experiment would never be allowed today.

Because Neubauer has already died, he won’t face justice for what he put these triplets through.

But do you think what he did is a crime? Should he have faced consequences?