Trash Man Sees Movement Inside Dump Truck, Sinister Truth Makes His Blood Run Cold

Fictional crime TV shows reveal shocking plot lines where horrific discoveries are made in the back of garbage trucks. Such a frightening fable came to life when two garbage truck drivers in Fort Wayne, Indiana, learned that the unthinkable had happened along their route.

The men had been picking up garbage receptacles along a dark alley when they noticed something moving inside their garbage truck’s collection area. Sanitation worker Andre Harvey said they have stumbled across rats in the garbage before, but nothing quite like this.

Whatever was in the back of their truck was thrashing about, leaping from one area to the next trying to stay alive. It was a rainy day, too, which meant rain water had pooled up inside the vehicle.

This creature was obviously fighting for its life long before the men ever hit the button to compact the contents of their garbage truck, which would have been disastrous. For a fleeting moment, Scott Clemence spied something upside down, drowning, but as it wriggled and wiggled, he lost sight of it.

The men were not about to let something that seemed to be bigger than a rat (they hoped) perish on their route, so the men shut off the power to the truck and climbed in. They dug and dug through the disgusting trash, trying to find the source of movement.

When they finally found the living, breathing creature in their garbage truck, they were astounded. Andre and his partner could hardly believe their discovery.

Scott said he could not fathom how it wasn’t hurt, since the garbage had been smashed. Anything in there could have suffocated, drowned or been pinched.

The two men have since been credited with heroically saving a precious life. They were just happy that this harrowing tale ended on a positive note.

See what they uncovered in the back of the garbage truck in the video below. Your heart will just break when you see what someone recklessly and ruthlessly discarded in the garbage.