Tour This Charming Tiny Log Cabin – The Crafty Homemade Staircase Is The Best Part

Jenna Spesard takes life lightly, and travel seriously. Not only has she gallivanted around the globe, but when she’s home, she resorts to tiny home living and attaches her mobile house to her extended-cab truck to travel locally.

Jenna aka the ‘Tiny House Girl,’ has traveled to 30 states and 5 Canadian provinces in with her tiny cabin in tow. She documents her journeys on her website “Tiny House, Giant Journey.”

“Along the journey, I met dozens of like-minded people embracing a variety of alternative lifestyles. I was inspired by them because I know how difficult it can be to live an “alternative” to what society deems as normal.

It can be challenging to explain to others that life is bigger than the things you own. You can hold a higher value in your time, passions, and experiences, rather than your possessions. In fact, I guarantee downsizing will bring you more happiness,” Jenna says on her website.

Step up onto the back stoop, open the door, and enter the charming and cozy tiny home.

Jenna wanted to make sure she designed her home around comfort. After all, she would be driving her home around the continent and needs a place for some rest and relaxation. Plus, have enough room to store goods and clothes for different climates.

The view from another angle shows how high Jenna’s ceilings are, allowing room for a storage space and sleeping loft (opposite side, more below.)

There’s plenty of space for Jenna and her dog Salies. The traveler has made sure to hang her snowboards and guitars at an arm’s reach, but up and away to prevent clutter.

The seating area is multi-functional. If can transform from a sofa to a dining area, to lounging nap area in just a matter of moments. Plus, in a tiny home, storage is hidden everywhere.

Facing the other direction in Jenna’s creative abode, you can get the full scope of her mobile cabin.

She has everything she could possibly need; a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft, and adorable dog. But, before we go any further, let’s take a look at the major highlight of the home — the staircase.

The creative and unique staircase, that leads to the sleeping loft, is made of old crates, antique shelving, and a wine barrel. It’s also her bookcase and pantry.

The wood was left unfinished and unpolished to give the home a rustic, charming, and cozy feel. It also keeps in theme with the home’s rough, yet inviting, exterior.

Jenna and her pup stay warm by using a small wood stove opposite the staircase.

Jenna’s kitchen is small, but functional, featuring a three-burner stove, and large sink with plenty of counter space for prepping meals.

The kitchen’s countertops are made from a single, wide-plank piece of wood. Jenna really wanted to keep a natural style and flow to her tiny home.

This side-by-side picture of both areas of the bathroom shows it’s simple functionality.

Her bathroom has a small shower with storage underneath, and a composting toilet with additional shelving on the side and above; the entire room is surrounded by corrugated metal walls.

Depending on how much space she wants, Jenna can rearrange her bed in the sleeping loft to sit vertically or horizontally.

Jenna’s simple and modest way of life is catching on around the globe. Follow her future adventures (now, with 3 little boys!) on Tiny House Giant Journey.

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