Tiny Pekingese Puppy Sees Sheep For The First Time, Hilariously Turns Into Herding Dog

When this sixteen-week-old Pekingese puppy Percy saw his two canine friends herding a sheep, the little fluffball decided to join in on the fun.

After shaking his tiny body a little bit and warming up, he mimics the actions of the two herding dogs. Even though the sheep isn’t really intimidated by Percy’s look, he definitely does his best to try and control the sheep – something Percy’s owners definitely seem to enjoy.
The footage shows the fluffball chasing the much larger sheep around, and his tiny barks will most definitely make you laugh.

It’s as if the sheep can’t believe what is really happening, and you can definitely spot the confusion. Even though the sheep didn’t react to Percy at first, the Pekingese puppy actually does a pretty good job at chasing it.

Another funny sight is when Percy tries to compete with the two other dogs, who are Australian Kelpies and are specifically trained to herd sheep.

Because of Percy’s smaller size and little paws, he isn’t quite able to keep up. However, he valiantly wants to be a sheepherder and keeps going no matter what.

The whole encounter is just pure comedic gold.
A little bit later, Percy manages to get a closer one-on-one interaction with the sheep. The animal seems absolutely flabbergasted and doesn’t really know what to do, but always keeps a close eye on Percy.

When the furball gets closer, you can see the sheep trying to communicate with him – but Percy manages to scare him away at last with a couple of small barks. Meanwhile, the two kelpies are just sitting on the ground and enjoying the show.

Percy’s owners and a small crowd can’t stop laughing about the whole thing. The footage was shot on an Australian farm and it definitely proves that a 12-week-old Pekingese pup can be as good as a sheepherder as his older friends.

Nowadays, Percy definitely hasn’t given up on his dream to become a sheepherder.

His owner Sarah Trembath posted a follow-up video of Percy about a year later. Percy has definitely grown a little, although he still maintains his immensely adorable furry skin and hilarious antics.

The new video features Percy chasing a number of sheep (and even a goat), and it appears that the Pekingese dog is a little bit more successful than his first attempt a year ago. He doesn’t need back-up from Australian kelpies, but it’s still a hilarious sight to behold.

“He’s still a keen jellybean! Percy’s never lost his love for herding… He’s now carrying around a full coat though, that and long grass can wear a tiny kid out!! He’s such an amazing little guy!”

Percy’s sheep herding stories haven’t gone unnoticed on the internet, as the original video was viewed almost a million times on YouTube.

“So cute,” Susan Reynolds commented. “My aunt’s tiny Pekingese used to try to herd Angus Cattle in the 1970s (very frightening for my Aunt.) Pekes are truly BIG dogs in little bodies.”

Viewer Elizabeth Link likes to imagine what the sheep is thinking: “Honestly that sheep is looking at the camera like, ‘Are you serious? I can keep pretending for a little bit longer but then I really have got to go’.”

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