Tiny Home’s Bright Colors Are Wild, But It’s The Bathroom That Has The Craziest Feature

Nicki Jo Davis is a firefighter whose grown children recently moved out of the house. Choosing to downsize from her giant home in Savannah, Georgia, Nicki decided on a very unique, tiny, and colorful home.

Nicki’s new Victorian-style tiny home is called the “Ravenlore,” and it’s built by the eco-friendly Tiny Green Cabins. The first thing that catches your eye is the bright and colorful exterior featuring purple, pink, and teal paint.

Nicki wanted a home that stood out from all of the other tiny home designs out there. This eccentric Victorian most certainly stands out and has lots of fun features including solar panels that power the home.

Although the exterior might seem a bit “loud,” the interior is surprisingly calm and relaxed. The living space features light-colored wood for the walls and cabinets.

In a wider view of the space, the sleeping loft is visible up above. However, downstairs, there is plenty of space to relax with great company.

The unsuspectingly spacious kitchen’s stone countertops break up the ‘woodsy cabin’ decor and bring in a modern element.

The kitchen, although on the smaller side, has everything you would need including a three-burner stove, sink, mini-fridge, and even a compact dual-washer and dryer.

Walking past the kitchen, you enter the Victorian home’s bathroom. The practical bathroom has a stand-up shower, sink, and one very interesting toilet.

Nicki wanted a feature in her home that was “cool,” and opted for a very unique bathroom appliance. The Ravenlore features an incinerating toilet. It is a waterless system that requires electricity and burns human waste instead of flushing it into the sewage system.

On the opposite side of the downstairs living space, you’ll find a fold-down desk, as well as a closet and extra storage space.

A stripped down view of the space reveals how much space is available once the desk is collapsed. The tiny home also has a propane heater to keep the house warm during colder months.

Climb the stairs to the gorgeous sleeping loft with plenty of space for end tables. There are multiple windows to let in natural light and airflow.

Of course, the ‘Ravenlore’ wouldn’t be complete without a stained glass raven.

Other fun facts about the Ravenlore:

  • It can be customized to be 20-22 feet long
  • The tiny home is 8.5 feet wide
  • The Ravenlore can sleep 2 to 3 people comfortably
  • The patio door features a roll-out canopy

Take a guided walk-through tour of the Ravenlore and learn more about making the decision to ‘go tiny’ in the below blow.

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