Tiny Home Might Be Off-Grid, But It Certainly Doesn’t Lack In Luxury

When you think of sustainable, eco-friendly, and off-the-grid housing, what comes to mind? Limited living space with compromised amenities? That may have been true when tiny homes and off-the-grid living first started gaining popularity, but as interest in this type of lifestyle has grown, the designs have gotten more and more impressive.

The Greenmoxie Tiny House was thoughtfully designed and constructed to be elegant, sustainable and completely self-sufficient.

The 340-square-foot home features rooftop solar panels that provide power for the Greenmoxie and a drawbridge style porch that raises when the home is in tow. Greenmoxie’s mission is to continuously strive to waste less, consume less, and need less, which is why building a tiny home was so appealing.

The interior of the home is overflowing with elegance.

A bright red sofa matches the bright red door, giving the otherwise neutral-colored room a lovely pop of color. Although the sofa is narrow, it allows for more walking and living space. Built-in shelving provides lots of space for books, knick-knacks, and storage without taking up much room. Large windows span the length of the home on both sides providing an abundance of natural light.

The living room coffee table can be moved, elevated, and secured into another area by the window, creating an instant dining space.

It’s genius ideas like this that make the Greenmoxie Tiny Home truly one-of-a-kind. From this angle, you can also get a glimpse of the kitchen, staircase and sleeping loft, as well as the sliding barn door that leads to the home’s eco-friendly bathroom.

Just past the seating area is the absolutely stunning kitchen.

The kitchen features gorgeous dark wood which beautifully contrasts the stark white wood-planked walls. There is plenty of countertop space for prepping meals, as well as a full-size refrigerator, stove, and oven. A large window sits over the sink, presenting a great view for the chef in the kitchen.

The bathroom in the rear of the home features a composting toilet and rainwater shower with tankless water heater.

The bathroom includes a column of built-in shelves for towels and other bathroom essentials.

The home keeps warm with a tiny little woodstove near the kitchen.

As the heat rises, it spins the small fan, which in turn circulates the heat throughout the entire home.

Heading up the staircase, which also doubles as a bookcase, you’ll reach the Greenmoxie’s sleeping loft.

Furnishings and decor were kept to a minimum in the stylish sleeping loft; the white planked walls and dark wood ceiling and floors speak for themselves. A long horizontal window in the back, as well as a small portal window, allow a bit of natural light to shine through, although, there is a larger window facing the bed, not pictured here.

This is one of the most innovative and beautiful off-the-grid homes we’ve ever seen. Want to see more? Take a full tour in the video below.

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