Tiny Home Looks Way To Small From Outside, But Nifty Hack Frees Up A Ton Of Space Inside

Small. Modern. Spacious. Rustic. Believe it or not — these contradictory words are all describing the same space.

At just 24-feet-long, 8.5-feet-wide, and 13-feet-high, Ana White designed a tiny home that feels larger than life. Ana is an entrepreneur, designer, and creative thinker; she wanted to use the small square footage to create a fully-functioning living space with a mixture of rustic charm and modern amenities.

Ana’s client asked for as much living space as possible, and she definitely delivered. Let’s take a peek into her masterful creation.

From the outside, you can already see the big windows that are great for making a small space feel larger than it really is. It just gets more impressive from here.

Ana’s clever and creative use of space left her client with over 100-square-feet of open living space.

To achieve so much extra space, Ana decided to do away with a traditional bedroom. Instead, she opted to try something that not many people have done before.

To eliminate the need for loft stairs or a ladder, she elevated the bed using a garage door lift system. The bed moves up and down with the push of a button.

When the bed isn’t in use, it can be elevated to sit perched above the “living room.”

The bed and living space can be transformed into a “bunk bed” system for more guests by rearranging the couch and ottoman cushions.

The coffee table cubes can also double as a stepping stool to reach the bed, although Ana says that it’s really not that high.

From the bed, there are incredible views out the front window and into the rest of the home.

Panoramic views of the nature surrounding the home are enough to take your breath away. Her client can stargaze and watch the wildlife from the privacy of their own home.

The cabinet doors of the storage area prop up to create an instant dining room.

The table can also be used in “his and hers” mode. The storage cubes have lids that flip over to become comfy seats.

There are so many surprises throughout this small home with huge personality.

Stepping into the kitchen and entryway, there are many hidden compartments for plenty of storage.

There’s a small space heater, along with many hooks and cubbies for organization and storage. There is also storage within the steps to the kitchen and underneath as well.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the tiny home’s functionality and charm.

For kitchen storage, the cabinet slides out to become a pantry.

There is additional built-in storage in the kitchen wall for spices and knick knacks.

A sliding barn door separates the kitchen from the bathroom.

There is yet another sliding hidden closet that emerges from the bathroom space.

Ana’s attention to detail is absolutely incredible. There are so many nooks and crannies that so many other tiny homes lack.

The simple kitchen has a small fridge and room for a small stove top unit and microwave.

The cabinet in the far corner of the kitchen can be moved into the kitchen to create access to more space.

Want more of an in-depth tour of this incredible tiny home with the elevator bed? Check out the full tour below.

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