Tiny Girl Takes Mic, Brings Down The House With Her Chilling Rendition Of Beatles Classic

Before Anastasia Petryk became a household name as a pop singer on the international music scene, this young Ukrainian singer confidently strode across the stage at a competition where she stunned everyone sitting in the audience with her exceptionally mature and robust voice. The younger sister of the equally talented Viktoria, Anastasia chose to sing a Beatles classic, “Oh Darling.”

As Anastasia walked up to the microphone dressed in a sharp white dress shirt, black and white checkered tie, and black suspenders hanging down from the waistband of her black jeans, she determinedly bowed before the audience. While they might have been skeptical of such a young and adorable girl standing before them, they were about to be proven wrong. A plaited braid draped over her right shoulder swung about wildly as Anastasia commanded everyone’s attention with her sassy moves. This award-winning artist has a slightly sultry and throaty voice that left people with their mouths gaping open in shock.

Anastasia’s range is impressive and her appropriately timed key changes indicate just how talented this little girl really is. She also has quite a stage presence, too. The audience can’t stop smiling as they listen to and watch her own the stage. When Anastasia wrapped up her incredibly remarkable performance, some people in the crowd gave her a standing ovation. This young singer’s budding talent captured in the video below has garnered more than three million views and it’s no wonder why. Listen for yourself how amazing Anastasia’s voice is. You’ll get a kick out of her stage presence, too! Get ready for goosebumps…