Tiny Girl Sits At Piano. Suddenly Takes On Haunting Celine Dion Classic Sending Chills To All

The doomed love story in the movie “Titanic” was a real tear-jerker, but what really tugged at our heartstrings was the accompanying theme song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. In fact, the song became a bigger hit than the iceberg that sank the ship! Not many people can match or even do justice to Celine’s angelic voice, so the smart young lady in this video clip skipped that part altogether and didn’t even try to impress anyone with her crooning. She had a different plan!

Diane et Camille Lambiet may look like your average 8-year-old girl, but her idea of fun doesn’t involve dolls, video games, climbing trees, or reading a book. Instead, her playground is a crowded subway station with a public piano, and the only thing she has to bring along is her 10 very busy little fingers. At the St. Pancras underground in London, England, this talented kiddo captured everyone’s hearts when she sat down on the piano bench and surprised everyone with an impromptu performance of the beloved song.

As her hands move across the keys with style and grace, onlookers had to stop and stare when the familiar tune was heard being played in the station. If fingers could sing, then Diane’s digits would doing the equivalent of belting out the Titanic tune! This darling plays with everything that she’s got, and what she has is tons of natural talent. Watch the video below to see why this amazing piano cover is destined for more than just making our hearts go on.