This Remarkably Simple Trick Can Cure Your Vertigo In No Time

Vertigo isn’t just a classic 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film, it’s also the name of a very common medical condition. Vertigo is the sensation where a person feels as though they or the objects around them are moving when they are not.

People often report feeling a spinning or swaying movement, and it’s the most common type of reported dizziness.

If you are afflicted with vertigo, you know how debilitating it can be. You can feel nausea, begin vomiting or sweating, or suffer difficulty walking or driving.

Dr. Carol Foster, Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Colorado Hospital, felt the plight of vertigo sufferers. So in 2012, she came up with a solution: the half somersault maneuver.

To treat your vertigo, follow these instructions:
“Begin by kneeling on your knees. Tip your head up to look at the ceiling, and then place it on the ground, as if preparing to perform a somersault. Next, turn the head to face the left elbow. Pause and breathe until dizziness subsides. Return the head to the center and raise it so the head is in line with the back. Sit back quickly and breathe a sight of miraculous relief.”

This technique has had remarkable success for vertigo sufferers. Dr. Foster’s original video has earned over 2 million views so far, and many people from Denver to Saudi Arabia have emailed Dr. Foster expressing their sheer gratitude.

Humbled by all the appreciation, Dr. Foster joked that she “hopes to dispel all dizziness in the world,” according to CBS Denver.

We hope this technique will help you or any vertigo sufferer in your life!

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