Their Robe Unveiling Made The Crowd Erupt In Cheers, Forcing Simon To Say It’s His Favorite Act Ever

When these 7 men first stepped onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage, it appeared as though their’s would be a dark audition. The men were dressed up in long monk-like capes and masks covered their faces – whatever was to follow was sure to be strange!

Then they revealed their name, “Chippendoubles,” and a thought popped into Simon Cowell’s head.

However, the men had a routine up their sleeve that was as unique as it was entertaining. The judges had no idea what to think at first! No one could’ve expected the audition to go like this…

At first, the judges feared that the men may reveal too much. But once the song started, the real purpose for their masks and robes were unveiled! They could not stop laughing!

Each of the men resembled a famous person in Hollywood. The audience couldn’t get enough of their silly routine. First, it was a Ricky Gervais impersonator who whipped off his mask and threw off the robe. What would be next?

Then came James Bond and David Beckham. Each of the men displayed their amazing impersonation skills and had the audience erupting with laughter!

However, the following reveals were enough to make the judges burst out laughing as well! The next few men revealed their Gordon Ramsay, Will Smith, and Mr. T costumes. They were awesome!

They looked exactly like their real authentic characters and the music accompanying their act was too good! But when it came time to reveal the final character, even Simon Cowell couldn’t suppress his giggling!

The look on Simon’s face when he realized who the very last impersonator was is priceless! He cannot contain his laughter!

Even the audience, which had been applauding and cheering throughout their performance, went wild with the last performer. The host off stage in the wings could not stop cracking up either.

Take a peek at this hilarious Britain’s Got Talent routine for yourself in the video below!