The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Trying To Find The Cell Phone Hiding In Plain Sight

Surely you’ve heard of “photo bombing.” You know…when someone you don’t know happens to appear in the background of your photo. These types of images are all over the internet because they are absolutely hilarious. People have even been known to photo bomb a couple’s romantic wedding photo. Surely the couple isn’t too happy when they have some stranger in the background of their lifelong photo that is meant to be hung on a wall in their home. But, it makes their photo a little more interesting.

There have been some photo bomb images that include creepy guys in the background of a gaggle of girls, which always make for a good laugh. And then there are the animal photo bombs, where a family takes a group photo at a zoo, only to find out later that a zebra’s head was peeking at the camera from behind them, inserting himself into the family photo.

The best are when really hilarious things are going on in the background of photos. For example, one family was in the midst of taking a Christmas photo, and a creepy uncle was in the background on the toilet with the bathroom door wide open. It doesn’t get better than that.

But, what about object that photo bomb images?

When Jeya May Cruz of Pasig, Phillippines was bored one evening, she decided to play a game that is similar to a photo bomb, but with an object. She placed her cell phone on her intricate carpet and took a photo. She then sent it to a few friends to see if they could find it, much in the same way you play one of those hidden picture games.

Because the cell phone had a case that was patterned much in the same way that the carpet was, her friends had a difficult time finding it.

Can you find the cell phone in Jeya’s photo below?

It’s definitely not easy. The blending of the two similar patterns and colors makes it quite the challenge.

Several commenters found it but it sounds like it took quite awhile. Evidently, the cell phone is in a case that is dark blue with white flowers, the opposite shade of the flowers on the rest of the carpeting. If you look really close you can see the camera in the upper left corner of the phone.

It would be interesting to find out where Jeya got this case, as it is so similar to the carpet. Did she have the case first or the carpet first?

Talk about matching your technology with your home decor. Looks like they have cell phone cases that fit everyone’s taste these days.

Jeya’s photo became such an instant hit that it’s been shared 21,000 times and liked 145,000 times.

Commenters found it so challenging that they shared the following comments…

“Making an eye appointment right now …I can’t find it!”

Several felt that it was more difficult than other hidden picture challenges out there. And other boasted about how easy it was for them. I guess it all depends on how your really see things and depict images.