Teen’s Mom Left When She Was 2 Yrs Old, Breaks Down Sobbing The Instant Judges Hear Her Voice

Alyssa Raghu’s parents got divorced when she was just two years old, after which her mother moved out and far away from their home in Orlando, Florida. Ever since her parents split up, it was mostly just Alyssa and her doting dad. They became an inseparable pair, as Alyssa’s father did whatever he could to help make her singing dreams come true. At 15 years old, she’s not even old enough to drive so he happily shuffles her from audition to audition.

In the clip below, Alyssa – a sophomore in high school – takes a chance and auditions for the new season of “American Idol.” You’d think someone so young would exhibit nerves or uncertainty. But Alyssa’s confidence and talent shine through within seconds. She picked the perfect song to sing, Ariana Grande’s 2013 hit track, “Almost Is Never Enough.” Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were intrigued and impressed from the start. But would it be enough? While she sang, her nervous dad stood outside the audition room hoping and praying his little girl would be sent through to the next step in the competition.

But the most emotional moment happens once Alyssa finishes her song. The judges have such an unexpectedly strong reaction to her talent that Alyssa completely loses it. As the tears stream down her face, she learns the fate of her dream.