Teen Harasses Mom On Subway – Watch Her Take Matters Into Her Own Hands

Unfortunately, some disrespectful people like to harass complete strangers on their commute. Just like this teenager on the subway for example, who started harassing a woman for no apparent reason.

He didn’t only harass her verbally but put his hands on the woman as well.

One of the others commuters managed to capture the incident with her smartphone and posted the shocking footage online.

The footage dates from May 1st, 2015 and was posted by Ashlynn Young from Virginia Beach.

“That’s someone’s mother. Kids don’t have respect at all!” she posted.

The clip isn’t very long and only shows about half a minute of footage – but it’s more than enough to understand that the woman and the disrespectful teen are having a very heated argument. The intensity increases as the teen kept coming closer and closer, threatening the woman.

Apparently, the teen also threatened to spit on the woman’s face before the video starts, as the woman dares him to do so.

The young man then kept provoking and said that he would knock her out.

The woman clearly wasn’t afraid of a confrontation, as she challenged the young man to touch her so she would be within her rights to protect herself.

Luckily for this woman, she had a perfect defense tactic in mind all along. The young man, however, never saw this one coming.

She reached for her purse and took a small can of pepper spray. She immediately aimed for the teen’s face and clearly wasn’t afraid to use it!

As you might expect, the teen stepped back in utter shock and agony. Thanks to this woman’s pepper spray, the harassment quickly dissolved.

The video went viral on Facebook and was shared over 40,000 times. Although some people claimed that the woman was in her right to use the pepper spray, some think that she unnecessarily escalated the verbal situation into a physical one because of her instigation.

“She did not instigate she warned, the kid was already threatening her… learn the difference and stop enabling these kids to be bullies whole complaining about it in schools,” one commenter wrote according to AmericaNews.

After the woman used the pepper spray, she yelled to get his hands off her. Some people in the subway were shocked, while others applauded the woman for standing up for herself.

One thing is for sure, this particular teen has certainly learned his lesson.

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