Teacher Bullies Student For Shirt He Decided To Wear To School

Nowadays it’s easy to express yourself politically with the many forms of attire, stickers, and signs on the market. Because the political climate is quite divided these days, marketers have made millions on supplying those who want to voice their opinions. It’s not rare to see Trump fans wearing hats and t-shirts showing their support of the president and on the other end of the spectrum, you can find non-supporters wearing anti-trump garb showing just how much they disagree with the presidency.

One boy decided to exercise some freedom of speech when he went to school and he has caused quite an uproar amongst Hillary supporters and non-supporters. The boy, named Mason wore a shirt that said “Hillary for Prison 2016.” It didn’t take long for his Clinton-supporting teacher to call him out on it and asked, “Did you wear that for me?”

His response was one that is giving him kudos from non-supporters everywhere…

“No, for Chris Stevens.”

And all it took was those four simple words. The boy had gotten into several political discussions with that particular teacher in the past so clearly, he was trying to get his message across. And he certainly did because the incident has gone viral and has people talking.

Commenters shared their opinion on the boy’s brave statement…

“Kid has got some balls. He got’em from his gene pool.”

“That’s why today’s youth are such privileged empowered assholes, but then we seem to be shocked when one doesn’t get his way and takes daddy’s 9mm to school.”

“When they get into the workforce, they will think they can do whatever they want to do.”
Some felt that the t-shirt was okay to wear, just not to school…
“I see nothing wrong with his shirt, however, school is not the place to share political views. Kids are at school for one reason, to learn.”
“Or if they are discussed the teachers need to keep their opinion out of it. I worked in a school for about 10 years as support staff after 9-11 the teacher brought rice in and had the students 3-8th grad fill bags to send to President Bush to ask him not to go to war but to feed the poor……my children did not fill a bag.”
Others thought that teachers shouldn’t share their political views…
“The teacher should not be able to respond with their picks for president either.”
Lately, there has been a whole lot of this type of merchandise being sold, some of it expressing support for Trump and others showcasing anti-Trump expletives.

Some of the items that were available to purchase poked fun at Clinton saying…”Life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one.”

And there is a T-shirt targeting former President Bill Clinton, with the word “rape,” in front of a picture of him.

In some sense it’s good that the boy had enough interest in politics to have an opinion, however; it’s not necessary to stir up controversy in a place where you are supposed to be learning.