Swarovski Crystal Heiress Got Married, Internet Can’t Stop Gushing About Dress Of The Year

Whether done on a shoestring budget or a splurge, weddings make for one of life’s most exciting and hopeful celebrations! The coming together of two individuals as partners for life is truly a beautiful sentiment that is bound to bring happy tears.

So while no one can disagree that the most important thing to celebrate at any wedding ceremony is this union of two souls, it doesn’t hurt when the bride and groom plan a few extras that can make it a once in a lifetime experience even for the guests!

And when we speak of extras, no one does them quite like the celebrities and the privileged for whom a bit of show combined with inexhaustible budgets make the sky the limit! Take for instance the wedding of Victoria Swarovski

Whether you are rich or poor, every woman recognizes the name Swarovski, famous for its sparkly one of a kind jewelry; and Victoria, just happens to be the heiress to this Austrian company and its fortune.

Needless to say, her options when it comes to designing her own wedding gown and jewelry are pretty unfathomable to most of us.

One thing that is guaranteed though, is a lot of sparkle – and that’s just what Victoria delivered when she walked down the aisle to her marry fiancé, property investor Werner Mürz, at Hotel Falisia in Portopiccolo, Italy.

The wedding dress she chose for the occasion was designed by Michael Cinco incorporating her family’s best and unlimited supply of crystals.

Michael designed Victoria’s dress as a classic A-line with a lace bodice and a full fairy-tale princess skirt all dazzling with laser cut flowers and paillettes. To top it all off, these elements were covered in Swarovski crystals including the show stopper 5-meter trail, which as Michael put it was “dripping” with even more jewels!

Our only question thus far, even before trying to imagine how much something like this would cost, is how much does it weigh? Needless to say, Victoria carried it off as if it was feather weight! Well, at least for the ceremony part.

Sources claim that she changed into two other dresses during the reception to make having fun a bit more easy and of course to keep giving the guests something new to be amazed about.

The second dress was a silver strapless body-hugging number that guests thought was even more sparkly than the first. Then, the final number was a red high-low gown with a much shorter tiered train, also designed by Michael, making it a perfect choice for dancing the night away! Needless to say all of these were covered in even more Swarovski crystals!

Feast your eyes on the red dress which is an unconventional choice for any bride!

We hope that one of the things included in the guests’ goodie bags were sunglasses to shield their eyes from all this sparkle!

Keeping up with the Joneses, or rather the Swarovskis might not exactly be possible in this case, but even for readers like us, it is such a treat to see what thousands of crystals and bit of imagination can do to a wedding gown. We hope that the couple’s marriage is even more dazzling than all the gowns put together!