Stray Puppy Is Sad And Sick At Shelter – Then Firefighter Who Rescued Her From Abuse Returns

One day, firefighter Mike Thawley and his crew were out on a fire call. When they finished the call, they noticed a sick, hairless puppy tied to a pole across the street. It was raining hard, but no one came to bring the puppy inside. The poor neglected puppy seemed to be all alone in the world.

Thawley and his crew kept the puppy company, waiting to see if anyone would come to care for her.

When no one came, they decided to take action. They untied the little puppy and brought her over to the Sacramento Fire Station.

At the fire station, Thawley gave the puppy a bath and made sure that she was okay. He also gave her a name, Chunkie. Once Chunkie was cleaned up and feeling better, he brought her over to his local animal shelter. After Chunkie was all settled in, Thawley said goodbye to her and headed home.

Thawley didn’t stay away for long.

The next day, he went back to visit Chunkie. As soon as she saw her rescuer, she started wagging her tail. Thawley was just as excited to see her!

Chunkie jumped on Thawley, unable to contain her excitement. Once she had calmed down a bit, Thawley gave the puppy a present: a cute pink shirt.

Thawley fell in love with Chunkie, and he knew that he couldn’t just leave her in the shelter. So right after visiting her, Thawley talked to his wife and daughters about fostering Chunkie.

“You got to help the puppies out when you can, especially the pitbulls,” Thawley told The Sacramento Bee. “They are definitely a discriminated against breed.”

Thawley’s wife Carla agreed to foster the puppy, and so, just a few days after her rescue, they brought her home.

Chunkie quickly became a big part of the Thawley family. Thawley’s wife loves dressing Chunkie up, and his daughters love playing with the puppy. Soon after they began fostering her, the Thawleys decided to permanently take Chunkie into their home.

In February 2017, the Thawleys officially adopted Chunkie!

Chunkie has found the perfect forever home, and she won’t ever have to worry about being abandoned again. This sweet girl is going to have a great life.

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