Stop Buying Presents, Here Are 15 DIY PVC Pipe Projects That Look Store Bought


You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to give someone a gift they’ll go absolutely bonkers over. There’s just so many things you can build with PVC pipe which is super cheap and easy to work with.

Here are 15 of our favorite DIY PVC pipe projects that look just as good as something you’d buy in the stores.

1) Projected Raised Garden Bed

Prevent pests from getting at your vegetable and herbs by createing this covered raised garden bed with PVC pipe. Get the instructions here.

2) Bed Canopy

Create your fantasy canopy bed inexpensively with PVC pipe. This was made for under $30. You’d pay triple that at the very least if you bought it at the store.

3) Clothing Rack

Need a clothing rack in your laundry room or do you need to add rails to a closet without one? Make one easily and cheaply from PVC.

4) Wine Rack

You can customize your own wine rack with different sizes of PVC pipe, spray paint, and some glue.

5) Kitchen Tool Organizer

Cut up some pieces of PVC pipe and use velcro to adhere it to the inside of your cabinets for convenience.

6) Ball Pit

Ball pits are so damn fun. And when they are this easy to make, who needs to have kids to have them in their home! Learn how to make one here.

7) Hoverboard Cart

This will make the perfect Christmas gift for your kids. Get the instructions here.

8) Lemonade Stand

This is another DIY project you can pass off as a gift for a child in your life. Why spend the money when they’ll go crazy over this! Learn how here.

9) Spa Shower

You can have a spa shower in your home without having to call the plumber. Learn how to make this spa shower here.

10) Free-Standing Hammock

There is nothing better than a hammock nap… nothing. You don’t even need trees to make this one. Get the instructions here.

11) Desktop Shelf

Do you need a shelf that’s perfectly customized for your desk? Make once yourself from PVC pipe.

12) Mirror

This gorgeous mirror was crafted from PVC pipe that was sliced, painted, and glued to mirrors.

13) Bird Bath

All you have to do is glue a piece of PVC pipe to a plate and fill it with dollar store stones to create this adorable bird bath.

14) Playhouse

Some people spend hundreds of dollars on a playhouse for their kids who will ultimately destroy it. Might as well make one yourself for well under $50. Learn how here.

15) Tool Storage

Use PVC pipe to create organization for your power and garden tools.

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