Steve Harvey Asks 6-Year-Old To Sing For Mom But Doesn’t Expect Unusual “Deal” She Makes Next

Little Big Shots star Ariana is an author, illustrator, songwriter, and singer to name just a few of her talents. This pint-sized powerhouse is only six years old and is already in the third grade, starting kindergarten when she was just two! When she appeared on the Steve Harvey Show, the audience had no idea that they were about to be in stitches hearing the little girl speak. She skipped out onto the stage in her pink dress with ringlets hanging down her back. Steve complimented her on how cute she looked, and the sassy little girl informed Steve that he too was quite handsome.

Steve asked Ariana what she had been up to since they last met, and she shared that she was working on her third book, had launched an online store, and also had written a song for her mommy! Needless to say, this impressive resume left the whole room speechless, but what she did next stunned them even more. Steve asked her to sing for him, so she obliged. “From the day I was born, I looked in your eyes and felt your sweet love. I knew you were the one when I opened my eyes and heard from above. I’ll be there when you fly and I’ll be there when you land. I’ll be there always my butterfly. One day you’ll fly, my butterfly.”

Little Ariana‚Äôs voice left the whole room in awe, amazed that someone so young could be so talented. She then surprised the famous host even more when she shared an original drawing of him that appears in her book. Steve couldn’t believe it! But one of the best parts of their interview is when Ariana tries to negotiate a business deal with Steve that has the audience hooting and hollering. Check out this little business mogul for yourself and see how darn cute she is! As enamored as Steve seems to be with her, she just might snag that business deal!