Single Mom Takes Retirement Into Her Own Hands, Builds This Functional Tiny Home

Have you heard of the tiny house movement?

If you haven’t, you’ve likely at least heard about the conditions that created it. As you may now, the cost of living has risen across the United States while household debt has soared. The old dream having of buying a house slightly above our pay range on credit and gradually paying it off isn’t looking as promising as it once did. Instead, some entrepreneurs and frugally-minded individuals are looking to build smaller, more efficient homes to save money.

And that’s exactly what the tiny house movement is all about.

One of the more recent adopters of this trend is Michelle Boyle, an empty nester who has taken up this lifestyle.

According to Boyle, she’s been a single mom for nearly 13 years and has often lived paycheck to paycheck. She’s weathered two marriages and two divorces—and lost ownership of homes within that time. More recently, she decided to take things back into her own hands. For her retirement, Boyle decided to design and build her own tiny house using cash and sponsorships.

And you may be surprised by just how fully-equipped Boyle’s little retirement home really is.

The house itself is eight and a half feet wide by 24 feet long with a rustic exterior.

When you walk in, the first thing you may notice is how open the space is—and it comes complete with a staircase!

On the main floor is a comfortable living room area.

Behind that is an on-site laundry set-up and a closet.

There’s even a bathroom onboard!

Opposite that is a cozy little kitchen nook with a stove, oven, sink and refrigerator.

If you go up top, Boyle built a snug, lofted bedroom area with a big mattress and some basic decorations.

Above all, Boyle says she’s more than comfortable in her tiny house—and has even expanded her efforts.

After seeing how successful her efforts were, Boyle has also built (and continues to build) additional tiny houses to rent out as another way to make a passive income. She even has her own blog to discuss all the details of building and maintaining tiny houses for others in the community. Now that you’ve seen what Michelle was able to accomplish, would you consider moving into a house like this?

Check out the video of Boyle’s process below!

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