Simon Cuts Off Teen’s Audition – When He Challenged Her With New Song, She Rose To The Occasion

As if Simon Cowell wasn’t intimidating enough, imagine him stopping you seconds into your performance because he was bored.

That’s exactly what happened when 16-year-old Hope Murphy auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. Murphy hadn’t even had a chance to start singing before Simon Cowell cut off the music. The young singer is, of course, a bit caught off guard.

“Okay, I’ve heard that so many times,” Simon tells her. “I want to hear something different to what everyone else is singing.”

Simon cuts off Hope Murphy’s performance and asks her what other songs she can sing. He was fed up with all of the contestants choosing the same song.

Murphy offers to sing a Jennifer Hudson song, which Simon passes on; then volunteers the song “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush. Murphy, however, was going to sing the version done by R&B singer, Maxwell. Simon finally seems satisfied with that unique song choice.

The moment that the teenager begins to sing the softer, slower song, the judges are completely taken aback. It’s surprising that she didn’t choose this song in the first place because it seems to flow so effortlessly.

All of the judges watched in awe as she performed the song flawlessly. The crowd completely erupted in applause when she finished.

“You are incredible” and “you are a star in the making” was just a couple of comments from the other judges on the talent show’s panel. But what did the intimidating Simon Cowell have to say about her “second-attempt” performance?

“You’re 16-years-old, you sang that very, very well. And I like your personality, as well,” Simon told the blushing contestant.

After all of the judges gave Murphy feedback on her amazing performance, it was time to vote — would she continue on with the competition? Going down the line of judges, she received a resounding yes from all of them. Even Simon Cowell.

“It’s a very easy ‘yes’ from me,” he smiles as he tells her the good news.

Hope Murphy’s incredible “second-chance performance” below has been viewed over 10 million times. It’s hard to believe she has a voice like that at only 16-years-old.

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