She Walked Into The Salon With Dirty, Matted Hair. The Hairdresser’s Next Move Left Us In Tears

Being a teenager can be an extremely emotional time in one’s life, as the multitude of changes in the body alone is daunting. Pair that with the natural desire to want to fit in amongst classmates and you get a wide array of different feelings that have a tendency to take over. As if this isn’t enough, imagine suffering from depression on top of it all?

Before they reach adulthood, it is estimated that 20% of children will suffer from depression. For some, the depression is a result of a family change such as divorced parents or a change of residency and for others,  it’s an inherent mental illness.

When one 16-year-old girl was in a bad place when she entered a salon in Waterloo, Iowa one day. As soon as the owner’s salon, Kaylee Olsson, saw her, she knew that something was wrong with the young girl, who had hair so matted that it couldn’t even be combed through let alone styled. The stylist knew that she would have to cut the majority of the hair off, but she was determined to keep as much of the teen’s mane as she could and she learned a bit about the girl along the way. As she was working on salvaging what hair that she could, the two shared in light conversation that turned into the girl offering up some information about her personal life.

She had been suffering from depression since her parents’ divorce a few years prior and was so down that she couldn’t even get herself to run a comb through her hair, which is why it was in the state that it was in. The teen admitted that she could hardly get herself out of bed in the morning, let alone take care of her hair.

For almost two days, Kaylee and her team at the salon, worked diligently to remove the mats by combing, washing, and cutting, until she was actually looking forward to going to school the next day. Kaylee even added some chic waves to the girl’s look.

“I will actually smile for my school pictures today, you made me feel like me again,” the teen told Kayley.

Since the teen walked out of the salon, the inspiring story has been shared tens of thousands of times, leaving an impact by several who have been affected by depression.

The teen in this story was very lucky that she happened to stumble across Kayley and her salon. The stylist took her under her wing and gave her exactly what she needed to give her a little jumpstart in life.

Depression is a silent illness and it often lurks beneath the surface, hidden from all those who encounter us, however; every now and then, like in this teen’s case, someone comes in and helps in ways unimaginable. All it takes is showing a little care and someone’s world can be changed forever. Hopefully, the teen remains positive and free from the sullen thoughts that she was experiencing.