Sarah Sanders Fires Back, Destroys Reporter After Making Outright Lie

The big gun control debate has spurred many heated discussions amongst both sides of the battle and it’s certainly been an ongoing controversial topic.

During a recent press briefing, White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders got fired up when she was continuously questioned by one specific reporter, regarding President Trump’s plan of action for controlling gun use.

It all started when the reporter asked what the president has done to try to prevent school shootings like the recent one that took place in Kentucky, leaving two dead and 17 injured.

Sanders answered his question with the following statement…

“The president believes that all Americans deserve to be safe in their schools and in their communities. We’ve had two years of increased violence prior to the president taking office. We’ve tried to crack down on crime throughout the country. The president instructed his administration to make the recent crime wave a top priority. Some of the things they’ve accomplished in that process and been focused on is they have charged more defendants with violent crime offenses in any year than decades, they’ve charged the most federal firearm prosecutions in a decade, and they’ve convicted 1,200 gang members and took down numerous drug trafficking organizations, all in attempt to help create safer and better communities and certainly safer schools.”

After finishing her statement, she attempted to end the press briefing, however; the reporter fired back with another question asking about the president’s specific plan of action.

She once again answered his question with confidence and ease…

“I know the department of justice instructed ATF to do a thorough review of a number of firearm provisions. That is ongoing and it will be submitted to the office of management and budget. We’re going through that process. The policy review and that policy discussion are taking place. At the same time, the president is instructed the Department of Justice to crack down and make the crime wave that took place long before the president ever came into office a major priority. And you’re seeing that happen. You’re seeing a Department of Justice that is being active, empowering its law enforcement to crack down on crime. That’s what those results that I read out to you show.”

But, the reporter wouldn’t give up and he continued to press the topic, asking for a specific plan in an accusatory tone.

Sanders responded with the following…

“I’m sorry, hold on. I was polite and let you finish. Let me be very clear on this.The fact that you’re basically accusing the president of being complicit in a school shooting is outrageous,” she said with a tone that implied that she was aggravated by the persistent reporter.

She followed it up by stating the following…

“The president has been very clear and instructed the top law enforcement agency in this country to crack down on crime and to do everything they can to prevent these types of things. We’ve talked about it here numerous times. And we’re going to continue moving forward in that process.”