Samson The Cat Is Biggest In New York— And Maybe The Whole World

When it comes to huge domestic cats, the Main Coon reigns supreme. The large fluffy cat is native to the state of Maine and is actually considered one of the oldest natural cat breeds in all of North America. On average, Main Coons grow to be anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds. But one fluffy Main Coon named Samson is giving the others a run for their money.

Samson is a four-year-old purebred Main Coon cat who measures 4 feet long and weighs a whopping 28 pounds. As it stands, he’s the longest cat in the state of New York— and possibly the whole world.

Samson was adopted by Jonathan Zurbel, a 24-year-old music producer from Brooklyn. The kitty had originally been living with Zurbel’s older brother, but a few life changes meant the kitty would need a new home. That’s when he was sent to live with Zurbel.

Up until 2015, Samson was the average size for a Main Coon kitty. He “only” weighed about 19 pounds. Then, he went through a late-stage growth spurt, which knocked him right off the charts. Don’t call Samson fat, though! This big fellow is actually well proportioned.

Samson’s groomer Carolyn Ayala told The New York Post, “He is genuinely long, broad, heavy and strong. He’s big and well-proportioned. He’s a real big Main Coon.”

“I have groomed many obese cats but [he’s] not the same… He is the Fabio of cats.”

According to Zurbel, Samson acts more like a canine than a cat. “He plays an excellent game of fetch, and he follows me from room to room and lies nearby, much like a dog.” When it comes to walking on a leash, however, that’s where Samson draws the line.

He much prefers riding around in his stroller— and anywhere Samson goes, he is bound to draw attention.

“He gets a lot of attention from strangers,” Zurbel said. “He draws a crowd. People’s reactions are often, ‘Holy s–t! Is that a cat? That’s a lion! Is it a bobcat?”

When you’re as big as Samson, you need some serious food to keep that big body satisfied. On average, Samson goes through 6 cans of wet cat food a day— in addition to several bags of dry food throughout the week.

This past summer, Samson made headlines when he was announced as the biggest cat in New York City. Some, however, are speculating that he may even be the biggest cat in the world.

According to Guinness World Records, the current record-holder Ludo measures 4.04 feet and is owned by Kelsey Gill in the UK. This number is extremely close to Samson’s measurements, so it looks like an official measuring may be in order.

Although Samson’s status as the biggest kitty in the world is not yet official, in New York City, there’s no doubt that this fluffy feline reigns supreme. Dr. Lisa Lippman, a Manhattan veterinarian tells The New York Post, “He is by far the biggest cat I’ve heard of, especially in New York City.”

Since Samson has started making headlines, Zurbel says the experience has been hard to believe. As a musician, Zurbel had been working with a manager. However, now he tells TODAY, “My manager has become a meow-nager. It’s very surreal.”

Samson currently boasts a stunning 175,000 followers on his catsradamus Instagram account. However, Zurbel hopes that above all else, people see Samson’s sweetness before his large size. “He’s a gentle giant,” Ayala said.

Zurbel hopes that by showing how much joy and love Samson brings to his life, it may inspire others to adopt a cat. “There’s just so many cats that need a place to live and are wonderful, too,” he said.

“[Samson] can have a big voice with helping out.”

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