Report Interviews Farmer, Hears His ‘Chicken’ Laugh And Dies Of Laughter Himself

Giggle fit: an uncontrollable bout of laughter. Everyone has found themselves caught up in a giggle fit a time or two — this chicken farmer and a reporter are no exception.

A reporter is interviewing a chicken farmer in what looks like some sort of expo center or warehouse showroom when all of the sudden he hears the farmer’s laugh. The video opens with the reporter unable to keep himself poised — he’s in full-blown giggle fit mode.

The gut-busting laugh coming from the reporter is only because he can’t contain his laughter when he hears the farmer’s laughter! It’s a total, laugh-fest meltdown.

The reporter can’t help but completely lose it when he realizes that the chicken farmer’s laugh sounds hilariously just like a chicken.

The farmer lets out a funny, staccato chuckle, but as he takes a breath in, the sound he makes is hysterically similar to the very chickens that he raises. What makes the video even funnier is that the chickens that are behind them in the pens start to chime in on the laughter.

The laughing fit that starts between the two of them just gets worse and worse as they continue to play off of one another. The reporter hears the farmer laugh and can’t contain himself, in turn, the farmer can’t stop laughing because of the reporter’s giggle meltdown. It’s too funny.

Both full-grown men are doubled over in laughter. Neither of them can pull themselves together enough to continue the interview.

The footage continues as the reporter continues to unravel over the uniquely hilarious sound coming from the farmer’s mouth. What’s even funnier is that the chicken-sounding chuckle just gets more chicken-like the harder he laughs. It’s a vicious cycle.

Before you know, you’re right there with them joining in on the hysterical giggle fit. It will be a miracle if you don’t get a side ache right along with them while watching the video below.

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