Rarely Seen Blooper From Young Frankenstein Resurfaces Online, Has Internet In Stitches (video)

While Gene Wilder’s most famous role would probably have to be Willy Wonka in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” that was most certainly not his only movie. He had a prolific career and will be sadly missed. But he will never be forgotten and will remain a comedy legend for years to come.

One of his funniest movies was “Young Frankenstein.” In this groundbreaking film, Wilder worked across from the lovely Terri Garr.

But even if you’ve watched Young Frankenstein a dozen times or more, you’ll never have seen these clips. That’s because they were never included in the final cut of the movie. These clips were bloopers, but are equally entertaining in their own right.

Watch Wilder breaks character completely. He has no control over his uproarious laughter. And as he works with Terri Garr, Marty Feldman, and Madeline Kahn, he naturally breaks down in laughter. And if I was working with such comedy geniuses myself, I do not think I’d be able to hold back my own laughter either.

Because some of these scenes are the more intimate ones between Wilder and Garr, they’re really close to each other and utterly fail to stay in character. It is utterly a laugh riot.

Nearly one million viewers have watched this particular Young Frankenstein blooper reel. And there are more videos like it on YouTube. That means people love these clips. Perhaps, it is because Gene Wilder is such a magnetic person.

People like you shared thoughts about the blooper reel in the comment section. The following are some we’d like to share with you. Read them now or after you’ve watched the clip. And make sure to contribute your own unique take on the reel. You can share that below in our comment section.

“It’s so strange to see bloopers from these classic movies. It almost seems to shatter that illusion of how grand and majestic these films are, you know? It makes it seem more REAL and perhaps greater.”

“Gene Wilder doesn’t act. He reveals that the characters he plays were just Gene Wilder all along.”

“Madeline Kahn, oh what a shame she left us so soon. She was Fantastic, and she had the most perfectly shaped lips ever placed on a mouth. She was gorgeous, and Terri Garr was just as Hot. Oh, how I envied Gene Wilder.”

“Everyone was at their peak in this movie. Garr was never more beautiful. Khan was one of those actresses who had great comedic timing but in real life had a very limited sense of humor, as if it happened without her.”

“God! They were so hot. (I) loved Teri and Madeline, funny and sexy, but most importantly very smart. They played off the ditsy like Marilyn Monroe. All three just ridiculously intelligent.”

One viewer was reminded about a nostalgic time in her youth.

“This was the first movie I saw twice in the first week it came out.  We were laughing so hard the first time that we missed too much. The funniest movie ever made!!!!!”

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