Puppy Acts Like He’s Innocent, But Video Shows Him Being Caught Red-Handed [video]

Sibling rivalry plays out in the animal world, too. Thankfully, someone captured this adorable moment on video.

Owner Judy Winske snagged video of her Maltese, Holly, pushing her sister Molly down the stairs, watching as she bounced down and out of sight.

That’s savage, little doggy.

Well, as these things go, it was a moment of play-fighting, where the situation got a little rowdy after they chased each other around, with one taking a tumble down the steps.

They come running around the corner of the stair landing and then, chasing each other, then…wait for it…Holly gives Molly a shove and down, down, down she goes. Oops!

Holly, feeling obviously superior, just watches as her sister rolls on down. She gives a look towards her owner, then the game continues, as Holly barks and hurtles down the stairs after Molly to keep on playing.

Judy did answer some concerned commenters on the YouTube video, writing: “Yes the puppy was fine. Looked bad but ‘Molly’ was fine in fact when ‘Holly’ the one that pushed Molly down the stairs came down Molly tackled her right back she was waiting for her. lol.”

She provided an update on YouTube, too, saying: “This video made it to America’s Funniest Home Video’s and aired last year!”

Just a few months ago, Judy noted: “BTW they are Girl Maltese and are now a healthy 4 years old. They are sisters from the same litter.”

Commenters on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the video weighed in, with notes such as: “Gotta love dogs. If this had been humans would’ve ended in a punch up and hurt feelings,” “Aw!!! Little puppies at play – what could be cuter?, and “They are too cute. Maltese look like little stuffed animals! Great breed. Very sturdy and feisty. Love them.”

Others noted Holly’s glance to the camera after her sister fell, with comments like: “The look on the puppies face ‘wasn’t me’ says it all!” and “I love the way the puppy looks at the camera afterwards. Too cute!”

One person wasn’t quite so thrilled with the situation, however, noting: “Don’t need to watch the video nor read the story. Those two are absolutely adorable and are probably best mates. I have two small dogs and love animals more than I love humans, that being said, the owner is an idiot and should not be allowed to have pets after this. They are puppies, need to be watched at all times and sure as H E L L should not be near a staircase unsupervised (don’t try and say they were supervised because the idiot owner was too busy recording to make sure that they were not in harm’s way). Pets are going to get into mischief without a doubt and there are some things out of the human’s control, this could have been controlled.They are no different than toddlers, would you let them near a staircase, No! Red arrow away, you can attempt to say I am wrong but there is no way that anyone can validate two puppies playing near stairs. What is even more disturbing is that this has happened before and enough times that the owner is able to video it! Sorry for the rant!”