Pregnant Dog Has Massive Belly – After The Third Puppy, Owners Know She’s No Where Near Done

The opportunity to witness the gift of life is an incredible experience for anyone, but this mom’s pregnancy was special. Diva, a Staffordshire bull terrier mix, was much bigger than her owners had ever expected her to be. Watching the birth of Diva’s puppies is an experience her owners will never forget.

This mother dog was only 3 years old, but she had started a relationship with Joey, a mixed shepherd who was almost 13 years old. That is close to 74 years in the human world! Obviously, this pregnancy would be a unique one. Diva’s owners, however, did not realize just how special the pup’s litter was until they met them in person.

This dog was absolutely massive! By the time delivery day came, the humans knew they would meet more than just one puppy. They expected a couple to come out and experience the world. But after puppy number three, they realized Diva was nowhere near done.

At first the dog greeted each puppy with enthusiasm, licking their faces and caressing them. They would then take their places next to her while she continued to give birth. Yet as time went by, Diva became exhausted. She could hardly push the puppies out. Luckily, her humans were there to help.

When it was all said and done, they could not believe their eyes. Diva had given birth to 13 puppies! One can only imagine the immense amount of patience it must have taken to wait through that painful process.

The puppies were absolutely adorable! Each one greeted the world with energy and joy. They clung to their mothers as they began to walk through the world for the first time. The first few puppies immediately began taking in their mother’s milk, but after Diva had birthed multiple pups she was too tired to continue feeding. The owners helped by feeding the newborn pups water through a medicine dropper.

Diva may have been zapped of energy, but once the birthing process was complete she nurtured each puppy with love and care. She was already forming an intimate bond with each one of her newborns. Delivery day might be over, but this new mom has a lot of work to do before her puppies are ready to find their new homes.

This dog’s astounding pregnancy reminds us just how incredible the process of birth is. We have a chance to welcome new lives into our world. This sweet story is proof that miracles can be found wherever you look.

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