Police Chief Issues Bad News For NFL Team That Decided To Kneel During The National Anthem

Professional athletes are often looked up to by young children, who view them as heroes. For this reason, it’s very important that these athletes remain well-behaved in the public eye. Most athletes spend a lot of their free time speaking to children at schools and camps and teaching them about confidence building skills. They volunteer their time to better the world with the power that they have been given. Because, chances are, your child is more likely to take advice from a professional athlete than they are from you.

Some athletes, however; are making a bad name for themselves and according to some…setting a bad example for today’s youth.

Recently, several of the Cleveland Browns team members were seen kneeling during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner and they received some serious heat for it. The kneeling Browns claimed that they were exercising their freedom of speech by not participating in a song that represented the country and its citizens, in response to the recent political activity surrounding racism.

And, in response to the Brown’s anti-patriotic actions, some police officers have decided not to participate in Colors before the upcoming games. The head of the Cleveland, Ohio police union and the Emergency Medical Services union made the statement, however; Detective Steve Loomis, President of the police union, made it clear that they weren’t protesting the players personally, nor were they negating their freedom of speech. Instead, they made it clear that it was the management who was on the receiving end of their decision.

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“We’re not going to participate in something with the Cleveland Browns when the management and NFL [front office] condones this behavior,” said Loomis.

Loomis also made it clear that he was not okay with Police Chief Calvin Williams decision to accept the players’ poor behavior after he stated that “the decision to boycott game time festivities was simply not the viewpoint of all of our officers.”

He went on to say that Williams is not in touch with reality.

The Cleveland Browns players who made the decision to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner are: Browns tight end Seth DeValve, running back Isaiah Crowell, safety Jabrill Peppers, wide receiver Kenny Britt, as well as Duke Johnson, Christian Kirksey, Jamie Collins, Ricardo Louis and Jamar Taylor. They all took a knee and huddled during the patriotic moment.

According to EMS Union Chief, Dan Nemeth, the decision to kneel was “deeply disturbing” and he went on to say that these players need to set an example for today’s youth.

Considering there has been some student who has refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance since the anti-patriotic acts committed by the NFL players, Nemeth does have a point. These children certainly try to follow in the footsteps of the athletes that they look up to and considering they are working for a larger agency that pays them a massive sum of money, maybe they should think twice before they decide to make such a bold statement.

Commenters made it clear how they felt about the NFL…

The NFL is quickly becoming a shadow of its former self. Asinine leadership, stupid rule changes, and ungrateful players. I no longer watch and it looks like others are doing the same. They are changing the game into a political issue. I’m out, don’t need this in my life. Hope they completely run out of viewers.