Person In Blue Tries To Help Police Out Of Snow, But Closer Look Has Patrons Busting Out Laughing

When a nasty nor’easter blew through Boston, Massachusetts, blanketing the region with heavy snow and knocking out power for thousands, most people hunkered down and stayed at home. But some decided to venture outdoors and have some fun.

As the storm raged on, they traipsed around outside, looking for a good time. That’s when a group of people ended up packing into The Gallows bar on the city’s south end.

Attorney Jason Triplett, 37, was one of the patrons at the bar that night. Since it was absolutely “freezing” out – he decided to dress for the blizzard and frigid temperatures in the most appropriate fashion. He wasn’t bundled up toasty warm however…

Oh no, he had another idea in mind!

Instead, Jason had slipped on a Queen Elsa of Arendelle costume, which surely stunned all his friends! But Jason’s comedic antics quadrupled when he spied trouble brewing outside.

A police officer driving a paddy wagon had popped into The Gallows for a quick bite to eat and couldn’t break the vehicle free from the snow. Fortunately, help was nearby…

It was a good Samaritan you never would have expected to see.  Queen Elsa channeled his inner power, sauntered outside in the snowstorm and pushed with all his might to help loosen the police vehicle.

From inside the warm bar, Christopher Haynes and everyone else was peering through the windows watching, laughing, cheering and appropriately singing lyrics from Disney’s hit movie Frozen that features Queen Elsa. Some even shout, “Let him go!”

What’s even better is when Queen Elsa needed to hunker down and put a bit more muscle into it, he hikes up his gown and gives it his all. Queen Elsa instructs the driver to rock the vehicle back and forth, then bends down to clear away some snow from the tire with his bare hands.

Even more impressive is that not once did Jason’s wig fall off! The storm dumped upwards of two feet in some parts of Massachusetts, but Queen Elsa didn’t care.

Why? Because the cold never bothered him anyway.

Check out Jason’s wintertime heroics and be sure to check out his final gesture. It’s too funny!