Paramedics Rush To The Scene, Quickly Spot The Cause Of Worker’s Unexpected Death

Usually, when you think of bee stings, you think of a little prick and temporary pain. As children, we are warned about these insects, but over time we tend to be unphased by their presence.

But, a recent case has proven that sometimes bees can be deadly. A Tucson landscaper died when he was stung by bees that emerged from two hives that weighed in at 300 pounds. Two others were injured during the deadly bee sting tragedy. The resident of the home and another landscaper were stung badly as well. The landscaper refused treatment and the resident was taken to St. Mary’s hospital and expected to be okay.

According to the surviving landscaper, the other landscaper approached him as he was getting attacked by the bees, but he had to run away in order to save his own life. He tried to help but the amount of bees were overwhelming and out of control.

The Pascua Fire Department, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the owner of the Desert Swarm Bee Removal responded to the scene. The bee removal company, Greg Williams, was alerted of the incident by fire department officials.

While helping the victims, five firefighters were stung but are said to be fine.

Currently, officials are investigating the details of the events that took place prior to the attack.

We often just dismiss bees and insects that tend to be out and about during the summer months, but this incident is a perfect example of how we don’t always know about what is hidden in the infrastructure of our homes. Bees can easily accumulate and build hives beneath the roof edging of houses, and surprise us when we least expect it, which is why it’s very important to continuously make sure the outside of the house is maintained.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the deadly bee stings…

“Unless you SEE bees flying around, you don’t know they are there. Living in the desert southwest, I make the rounds around my house and yard looking for tents (nests) every spring and will get rid of them.”

One commenter criticized the homeowner for their lack of maintenance…

“Some people don’t know how to maintain a home. Or they are renters.”

And others were on a mission to defend the bees…

“We need bees. Why publish this negative information about them? People should be very careful with them. As long as we do that, both parties can live in peace and we can all benefit from their job.”

In defense of this post, one commenter felt it valid that the story was covered considering someone died…

“It’s a valid news story when people are stung to death by bees. Yes, they are necessary creatures, but it’s good that people hear about stories like this so that they WILL be respectful of bee hives and not take any chances around them.”

One of the reasons why these stories are shared is to make the public aware of such incidents and hopefully, it will bring awareness to those who wouldn’t have otherwise been wary of bees.