Panther Sneaks Up Ready To Pounce, But In A Split Second It’s The Man Who Caught It Off Guard

What would you do if you heard a soft crunching sound behind you while your head was turned? Would you run away screaming or would you try to stay calm and assess the situation? Well, if you’re Eduardo Serio, you stay calm and wait to launch a counter sneak attack. While this might seem insane to most of us, Eduardo is used to big cats sneaking up on him. That’s why he’s able to keep such a cool head when he knows one massive panther is just a few feet behind him and waiting to pounce…

Eduardo sits patiently as a staff member at his Black Jaguar White Tiger Sanctuary staff member records them interaction on his phone. The camera runs as a black figure makes its way into the view of the lens. Even though most of us would be gone in a flash (probably just making ourselves enticing bait for this creature), Eduardo remains as cool as a cucumber. As soon as the panther gets close enough to strike Eduardo’s head, he turns around and does something that makes our heart jump. Interacting with animals like this panther in such a playful manner is unthinkable, but Eduardo spends his days doing exactly that.

Even though controversy has swirled around this sanctuary since he opened it, Eduardo asserts that his foundation does nothing but help rescued big cats from breeders and circuses around the world. He claims his two-step process helps raise rescued cubs and then reestablishes them in a pride within his sanctuary walls. Whether you agree with his tactics or not, his relationship with the animals is something you need to see to believe. Check out this sneaky surprise attack in the video here — it takes a mixture of craziness and bravery to wrestle with a sly black panther.