Owner gives dog’s treat to cat. Dog’s reply when he tells him has the Internet dying of laughter

Most pet owners would be thrilled to get inside the minds of their furry companions for even just a few minutes.

One Canadian, Andrew Grantham, does just that.

Andrew Grantham is the man behind the Talking AnimalsYouTube channel, which has accumulated over 1 million subscribers.

A voice-over technician by day, Andrew never intended to start the project. He tells The Star he was “procrastinating” on YouTube when he came across a video of two cats meowing back and forth and decided to imagine what they were saying.

Although Andrew’s cat video has now hit 38 million views, at the time of its upload, he wasn’t sure about making more.

He says, “It was actually several months later I decided to try another one. I didn’t think I’d be able to, but that one actually did pretty well and people kept asking for more. So I just kept going from there.”

Andrew would scour YouTube, looking for clips to make funny voice overs. Since his videos became popular, however, viewers submit videos to him directly. In 2011, he had a backlog of over 700 to watch, according to The Star.

Since his original video, Andrew has created the persona of Jupiter the Cat— with his very own fan club— as well as Clarke the Dog, the star of Andrew’s most successful video to date.


Andrew discovered Clarke through his video submissions. He tells The Star he was watching the submissions when something about Clarke’s video caught his eye. He explains:

“I just picked it out and thought, ‘I want to play with this one today,’ and within a couple of hours, that one was done.”

The video depicts Clarke the dog’s anthropomorphized reactions to Andrew telling him he has eaten all of his favorites foods.

Although it took very little time to create, Andrew’s Clarke the Dog video immediately garnered over 20 million views within its first 2 weeks of being online. In the past 6 years since then, that number has increased to over 188 million.

Andrew’s videos have since gained the status of ‘classic’ internet content, causing many viewers to reminisce about the good old days. The video’s top-voted comment, posted by Bosley, reads, “Man, I remember when this first came out.”

Despite being over 6 years old, Andrew’s video is still bringing laughs and being shared on social media today:

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You’re must have seen it, but… I love this dog https://youtu.be/nGeKSiCQkPw  – keep smiling!

Check out the hilarious video below!

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