Off-Duty Cop Hears Loud Commotion While He’s Eating Dinner, Jumps Into Action (video)

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve witnessed someone being in the right place at the right time. It’s the universe’s way of putting us in a position that allows us to help someone else, be helped ourselves, or maybe it even lands us a job that we’ve always wanted. There is a reason for everything, right? When a diner in a Buffalo Wild Wings started to choke while sitting at a table with his son, a New Jersey state trooper who happened to be off duty was seated at another table just a few feet away, and he’s lucky he was because the trooper saved the diner’s life. And a surveillance camera captured the entire incident.

The diner is seen coughing for a bit, and then it is obvious that he is having trouble breathing. This is when the state trooper takes notice and jumps into action. He too was sitting with his son enjoying a meal, when suddenly he hears the fellow diner choking. The camera catches him looking around to see where the noise is coming from and when he realizes it is a man choking, he makes a beeline to the choking victim’s table and immediately executes the Heimlich maneuver. As the trooper is doing the maneuver another man, who appears to be restaurant staff, comes over to assist. Within seconds the man is breathing again.  They stand him up and make sure that he is okay and as to be expected, he appears to be shaking a bit.

While situations like this tend to be rare, they do happen, which is why it’s extremely important to be trained in life-saving techniques. All it takes is one time. This man was lucky that the trooper just happened to be off on this particular day and at the same Buffalo Wild Wings watching football with his son. This really is proof that he was at the right place at the right time. Evidently, it took Trooper Palaia four thrusts in the man’s abdomen to open the airways again. It’s obvious that he is well versed in the Heimlich because he didn’t hesitate and managed to complete the life-saving technique with a calmness that not everyone has in these types of situations.

Taking a class in emergency skills like CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver is very important, but there are a few simple steps that you can continuously practice on your own to stay familiar with the Heimlich Maneuver…

First, make a fist and place the thumb side of your fist against the upper portion of your abdomen, below the ribcage and above the navel. Then, you will grab your fist with your other hand and thrust in a quick upward motion. You will continue doing this movement until the object is dispelled and the victim can breathe again.

Just keep in mind that type of technique is to be used on grown children and adults. When it comes to infants, there are other techniques used, as their smaller bodies don’t need quite the same thrusting motion.