Obituary For Mom Is Far From Ordinary And It’s Quickly Gaining National Attention (photos)

In families with multiple children, things are inherently unequal. While the first born gets new everything, those that follow are given hand-me-downs and used items that their big brother or sister has already worn. This unequal treatment can caused resentments among the children. But while the first born might get new things, they’re often burdened with more intense expectations. Things simply cannot be equal between children because things are different. But when blatant favoritism comes into play or abuse, the scorned children will hold bitter resentments that can last a lifetime.

But as you’ll see for the family below, the children of the same mother all had very different experiences growing up. And the result was one scathing obituary that has gone viral.

In North Carolina, two different obituaries for Cornelia June Rogers Miller were published in the Cherokee Scout.

One was written by one or more of her daughters, while the other was written by Robert Miller, Cornelia’s son.

The two sets of siblings shared drastically different views about the type of person their mother was.

The daughters told it like it was: “She died alone after a long battle with drug addiction and depression.”

Meanwhile, Miller’s version crafted a story about a husband:

“She is survived by her loving husband of 63 years, Robert William Miller, who was with her when she passed.”

While they got this major fact differently, the siblings continued writing a story about a seemingly different woman. The daughters wrote:

“Drugs were a major love in her life as June had no hobbies, made no contribution to society and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life.”

Meanwhile, Miller remembers things differently: “June was a devoted military wife and homemaker who taught swimming lessons to children in her spare time. June was active in the Baptist church and taught Sunday school classes for many years.”

While they got the events of her life differently, they also saw people reacting to her passing differently. Her daughters wrote:

“Her presence will not be missed by many, very few tears will be shed, and there will be no lamenting over her passing.”

Miller wrote, “June’s life was celebrated by her family and friends with a memorial service on March 18 at the home of her son.”

Either these obituaries were talking about a different woman, or she was a different person for her various children. It is curious that her son would not recognize her drug abuse – if that was real. And that her daughters wouldn’t recognize the fact that she was married for more than six decades.

But both obituaries agreed one only one thing: That June produced three children, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

However, the one written by her daughter added one final dig into her personality: “We are thankful for the life that was issued forth because of June. We wish she could have appreciated the abundance of life she was given.”

Meanwhile, her son remembers how his mom made a “wicked lemon pound cake.”

Miller’s obituary came a week after the first one was published. He didn’t want his sister ruining June’s reputation, so he posted the follow up one.

Which obituary do you think is real?

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