Nurse Calls In Grieving Father At 3:00 AM. Makes Unprecedented Decision For Young Mother In Coma

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world – but for one young mother and her family, the process was more of a nightmare. Shelly and Jeremy Cawley were thrilled when their pregnancy test first came back positive. They were ready to share their wisdom, grow together as a couple and bring a happy, healthy baby into the world. However, they had no idea that their baby would be the one to bring Shelly back from the brink of death one week after her birth.

As the weeks turned to months, Shelly and Jeremy became more and more excited. Being a parent was their calling, and they were going to be able to raise the daughter for which they always prayed. While the pregnancy went relatively smoothly, nothing could’ve prepared them for what happened in the hospital the day of their daughter’s birth. Instead of being able to relish in the joy of their beautiful baby girl, Jeremy was forced to say goodbye to his wife while holding onto their newborn, Ryland, even tighter. Thankfully, the nurses had a last-ditch plan to bring Shelly back – but it involved using Ryland for her healing powers.

In the minutes after giving birth to Ryland, doctors rushed Shelly into the emergency room. She had a grave medical condition and needed treatment right away. Unfortunately, Shelly’s condition worsened as time went on and she slipped into a coma. Jeremy got ready to say his final goodbyes to his beloved wife and raise their daughter on his own. But then the nursing staff approached Jeremy and asked to use little Ryland to save her mother’s life. Jeremy hesitantly handed over Ryland and the nurses jumped into action. Without their quick thinking and a mother’s bond, there’s a good chance Shelly would’ve passed away that night…