NBA Kiss Cam Turns At Two Strangers, Their Reaction Has Gained Over 4 Million Views (video)

When the Houston Rockets shined their kiss cam onto two fans, they unleashed the women’s dancing spirit. The two women, who have been dubbed “Altima” and “Camry” because of their cars, got their groove caught on camera during the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Because both aunts were dancing to Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control” at the same time, they decided to up the ante and engage in an epic dance battle with each other – in front of thousands of fans.

Twitter user JDB Sr. shared the video with the following caption: “When your Altima driving Auntie and your Camry driving Aunt show up at the function, and everything is a competition.”

And as you will see in the viral video below, both women are not shy about showcasing their best dance moves. They’re totally talented, and the crowd has a blast watching them one-up each other again and again.

Although the fans at the game had fun, social media users are having an even better time. And as the dancing aunts gain in fame, more and more people continue to share the Rockets kiss cam video with the world.

Spurred on by the epic dance battle, the Rockets went on to win the game 116-98.

If you missed the Rockets’ Thursday game, then you missed the epic dance battle. But it has since gone viral all over social media and is included for your pleasure down below.

During a break in play, the camera turned to the dancing women. And as they groove to the music at the Rockets’ home stadium, everyone knew they meant business.

The first woman to showcase her skills is wearing a red and black Houston Rockets shirt. And her jacket, black pants, hooped earing, and leather cap give her a compelling look that only served to make her dancing better. She starts with the famous Backpack kid dance. And the people around her cannot help but laugh – although they are equally impressed with her courage to show off her moves.

The beat switches to the classic hip-hop hit “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. And then the camera moves to the second dancer. She’s pumping her first and waving her hand in the air.

By this point, the crowd is going wild.

This second dancer is in all black – except for her fashionable turquoise jacket and matching jewelry.

Now that the dance battle has begun, the camera pans back to woman number one. She’s ready for the challenge. And as she stands among other fans, she gyrates her hips to the beat. The man next to her becomes a prop in her dance. She braces herself against him as she shows the Rockets’ fans how to dance.

The camera pans to the second woman. She then overdoes the other. Her body shakes, her hair swings, and she is ready to win.

Check out the amazing dance battle clip that went down during the Rockets game last week. It is the viral sensation of the week.

Which woman do you think one the dance off?