Mom’s Confused When Dog Bites Her Arm In Bathroom, Then Realizes He’s Trying To Save Her

The story of Patch the dog is certainly a very special one. Patch’ owners, Nola and Richard Davis, were actually considering to get rid of him because their house had become too small for the growing Patch. Little did they know that Patch would be the one that saves the family from a tragedy.

Patch was adopted when he was a puppy because the children, Clara and Andrew, have always wanted to have a dog. Nola and Richard surprised them with a sweet little puppy one day, but Patch quickly grew and became quite large.

The parents told their kids that Patch had outgrown the home and needed to go. As you’d imagine, the kids insisted on Patch staying and the parents agreed to think about it.

It also ended up saving mom’s life.

On the couple’s wedding anniversary in 1999, Nola noticed that Patch was acting quite strange. He isn’t keen on water and normally never comes into the bathroom, but Patch followed Nola in there anyway. He kept on barking but failed to capture his owner’s attention.

In a desperate move, Patch bit his owner’s arm and started trying to drag her outside.

Nola was absolutely shocked and confused and didn’t understand why Patch would try to hurt her or why he was in the bathroom at all. After she opened the bathroom door, she realized that Patch was trying to save her instead.

The complete house was engulfed in flames.

The woman was the only one in the house and Patch made sure that both of them got out safely. Everything was on fire and the flames quickly spread to the bathroom as well. The two made it to the front yard safely, but Nola realized that the car was in the midst of the fire and could possibly explode.

She wanted to go back inside the house to grab the car keys, but Patch immediately stopped her and didn’t allow Nola to go back inside. At that precise moment, an explosion inside the house occurred. If Nola had gotten her car keys, things could’ve ended a lot worse.

Even though all the belongings were lost in the disastrous fire, the most important thing was that no one got hurt.

According to an investigation, the fire was caused by an electrical short.

The entire family moved to Montana shortly after the incident. Luckily for Patch, their new home was a lot bigger and there was plenty of room for him to stay.

There are truly no words for this dog’s amazing heroism. Way to go, Patch!

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