Mommy Picks Up Daughter From School. Little One Hands Over Drawing That Makes Mom Gasp

Being a mother is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs on the planet. On one hand, you get to watch your little one grow up into an adult and start their own lives — on the other, you have to deal with more sticky mystery substances, bodily fluids and mindless bickering than anyone should be subjected to!

One person who knows the truth of motherhood is Janene, a blogger from New York who is now living in Southern California with her family. Janene is the proud mother of three sweet children and has had her fair share of good times and unthinkable bad days.

But one thing her youngest daughter did recently made her laugh out loud, and she immediately shared what happened on her blog, I Might Be Funny.

It all started when Janene picked her daughter up from her first day of kindergarten. What happened inside that brightly colored classroom is something she’ll remember (and laugh about) for years to come.

She wrote:

“Those are not my real boobs. Let me explain. It was the first day of kindergarten for my youngest child and I arrived at the classroom to pick her up at the end of the day. All of the children were running up to their parents proudly displaying their new drawings of flowers, hearts and animals.

My daughter thrust her picture into my face, beaming, ‘It’s you and me!’

I looked down at the picture. Of boobs. Really, really big boobs. Yes, MY little artist didn’t draw hearts or flowers…she drew an EXTREMELY inaccurate depiction of her mommy for all the world to see.”

“‘Wow!’ I said. ‘Just… wow!’

Laughing to myself during the drive home, I was imagining the teacher probably thought Dolly Parton was coming to pick up this child. I bet she was a little surprised when it was just me and my B-cups that strolled through the classroom door that afternoon.

I love this drawing because it is a reminder of how our children can view us so differently than we view ourselves. Look at me here…my boobs are perky, my hair is thick and bouncy, I have a perfect, tiny nose, and my smile is bright.

I mean, really, I’ve never looked better. And if that’s how my daughter chooses to see me, I will treasure it forever.”

While we may look at ourselves and find things to pick at, our children and loved ones hardly notice the same tiny details. Janene’s daughter’s drawing was the perfect reminder that she’s perfect in their eyes!

Since posting her daughter’s silly drawing online, it’s been shared more than 3,500 times and liked by more than 28,000 users. It’s clear something Janene said resonates with mothers around the country!