Mom With 6,000 Tumors Lives In Secrecy, Then She Finds A Doctor Who Can Remove Them

When she was only a teenager, Libby Huffer learned that she had a rare genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis type 1. This condition caused hard growths to form on her body. While they were not cancerous, they changed the way she looked and impacted her self-esteem. And while they were not life-threatening, they did cause chronic pain. She suffered from her head to her toes and also endured constant bullying from other students in her school. As a young woman, she was quickly labeled a “circus freak” because she had developed thousands of tiny tumors all over her body. But her classmates did not stop with that insult. They came up with more names including “toad” and “lizard breath.”

Huffer could go nowhere in her community without being ridiculed for the way she looked. And it took its toll on her psyche and wellbeing.

As she aged, Huffer’s condition got worse. And when she became pregnant with her daughter Lindsey, the hormones made the tumors grow even more furiously. Eventually, she developed 6,000 individual tumors over her whole body. She was covered.

Huffer was suffering. Doctors put her on 13 different medications. Even giving her daughter a hug induced unbearable pain and suffering.

Because the hate her community thrust at her, she decided to remain in isolation, to hide in the darkness of her own home.

“I can’t even go for groceries without someone saying, ‘What’s that all over you?’ or pointing at me with their kids saying, ‘Look at her.’ Someday, it would be wonderful not to have to worry about how I look, or what clothes will hide my bumps.”

Despite feeling hopeless, Huffer refused to give up on herself. She underwent ten surgeries to treat the tumors. But they did not work. Only when she came forward to show her skin to the world in 2017 did she received the funds required to pay for the expensive treatment that could transform her life forever.

When she gained the attention of the medical professionals on The Doctors, Huffer submitted to their care and underwent a life-changing surgery that removed the tumors, which had ruined her life.

And in the clip below, you can see the moment when Huffer reveals her new self to her daughter. Lindsey cannot believe the complete transformation her mother has undergone while receiving care from The Doctors.

We encourage you to watch the clip included below. It is both inspiring and empowering.

Viewers like you shared their thoughts on The Doctors’ YouTube channel comments. The following were some of our favorites:

“Good women. And their eyes! I usually think it’s annoying when people say this kinda (stuff), but I legitimately didn’t realize she had anything because of her eyes, ah! They’re glorious! Truly like ice cold water!”

“This woman is already beautiful and amazing. She has a big heart. You truly deserve this, and I wish you only the best. You Dr’s are such amazing people, giving people hope, surgeries when needed and you genuinely care. The whole world needs more Dr’s like you all. You are the best.”

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