Mom Thought Mark On Her Chin Was A Blackhead, Days Later Her Mistake Is Very Apparent

Many people do not take skin cancer seriously. Because they think the dermatologist can simply snip off the affected skin or that it won’t affect them, they don’t take proper precaution like putting on sunblock when going outside. Others throw caution to the wind and go tanning in tanning beds and salons. But this has been proven to be dangerous for your skin health. Kari Cummins always loved going out into the California sun and using tanning beds to get the sun crisp color she always wanted. But when a “blackhead” appeared on her chin, Kari didn’t give it a second thought. She thought it was a usual blockage of a pore and simply chose to ignore it.

Because the blackhead didn’t go away, Kari decided to show it to a doctor. And when they ran tests on it, they found that it was not a blackhead at all but skin cancer. Diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that spreads to other parts of the body if untreated, Kari realized that her life was in danger.

“I have always had clear skin, so I did think that the spot was slightly unusual,” Kari told Caters News. “I assumed it was a blackhead or a weird type of adult acne, as I hadn’t seen anything like that before.”

Because Kari, who is a mother of five, loved to tan while on vacation, the fashion statement eventually damaged her skin. Now she has to deal with the repercussions of skin cancer. She lesson couldn’t have been more difficult.

“I wasn’t a frequent user, and only used them occasionally, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t take much for the UV rays to accelerate the growth of the carcinoma, especially if you have fair skin,” she admitted. “I also grew up by a lake and I spent a lot of time in the sun, and I don’t think that helped either.”

Kari caught the cancer just in time. And if she didn’t see her doctor, the blackhead would have grown larger and larger and possibly spread throughout her body.

“It took 35 stitches to close up the hole and it took weeks to heal. I have now been left with a scar that is very noticeable on my face,” she said. “At first I felt very self-conscious, but now I find it empowering as I can use my experiences to share my story in the hope of urging others that it is so important to look after your skin.”

Now Kari wants to warn you about protecting your skin from sun damage. She always thought she was invincible from damage.

“It just shows that this can happen to anyone,” she said. “Unfortunately, I neglected my skin and now I am facing the consequences.”

Because she didn’t use sunblock and protect her skin from the sun, Kari Cummins was left with a gaping hole in her chin. Now her face will never look the same again. And she wants to make sure you and your family don’t have that same problem. Skin cancer can be dangerous. Take precaution and use sunblock when going outside.